Monday, June 8, 2009

Who am I?

Well, I'm a college student. An upperclassmen. Heavily in debt to an institution that has only fueled my pursuit of alcohol, nicotine, mountain dew, sex, and rock and roll (none of that rap-crap though).

I'm a political science major, and a member of one of the top three Fraternities at the school. At parties, I'm the guy wearing fraternity letters who brings everclear and drinks it straight from the bottle.

I smoke only three types of cigarettes: Filtered American Spirits, Unfiltered Camels, and full size unfiltered Pall Malls. Entheogens? I've cut up, boiled, extrated, and acid washed more plant and fungal matter than Racheal Ray has ever put into soups. Other drugs? Swim may or may not have hypothetically violated local and national statutes that could have been in effect during the past years, but were never properly advertised by the government to insure that Swim would have known, had he potentially done substances of questionable legality .

I've been called mysogenist, but that doesn't stop the girls from lining up. Of course, I've also been called a gentleman, knight of good ole' southern values, and was told that I would "make a good father" (... That's when you gtfo asap). Really, I probably have enough material to designate myself a cult leader, but then... where's the challenge?

So stick around.

Let us see if I can make that thirteen grand, or at least cover my books.

(:cough: speaking of... if you see any advertisement that appeals to you... give it a click.)


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