Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MTV creates another classic...

MTV is offering a flash game for those of us with debt… a chance to win up to $250, via lottery. You control a pink-piggy on a flaming jet-ski, and plow through obstacles in pursuit of the necessary stuff to support your chosen lifestyle. It's goal is to help teach financial responsibility.

Personally I think the first mistake piggy made was buying the jet ski.

I appreciate MTV’s attempt to educate us about spending, I appreciate that offer of $250 (I played and entered). The game is actually entertaining, and I spent some time sailing up and over ramps, and collecting tokens and debt. At the end though, I’m not sure what we’re supposed to take from this… and I feel it was actually a subversive advertisement campaign for sea-doo. Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps all of the times I’ve had to choose laundry over food, or gas over food, or rent vs. food have utterly failed to teach me the lessons of fiscal responsibility. Perhaps it took a pig and a water sport vessel to really shift my spending habits.

After all, I now want to buy a jet skit.

Or fry up some bacon.

Or have her fry me up some bacon. I prefer this idea.

Did I mention it’s called “Debt ski?” Get it? Ahahaha… haha… ha…no…

MTV, millions of teenybopper girls may follow your ‘reality’ programs with serious emotional investment, and I will credit you for swaying half my generation to blindly walk into the voting both… but come on. That old fart on Fox is more “hip”, and “down with the kidz”, than “Debt ski”.

Our generation is going to have to step up to the plate, buckle down and get things done… should a pretty pink piggy really be the mascot? I also laugh at the co-partner of “Debt Ski” – the Peter G. Peterson foundation, a hot-air politico group with an empty message of fiscal thrift.


One final comment: I will give MTV some credit. Debt Ski IS less patronizing and more fun than "Darfur is dying" ... but rates the same 0 on the education scale.


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