Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Musing on Cult-Content

You Got That Rock N' Roll Soul
(Points if you can spot the lyrical references strewn throughout this blog)

There are some challenges to getting a cult out there. The first is crafting a message. At first, I intended to start all guns blazing – “here is the prophet reborn”, “Lo! There is a star in the east!” sort of stuff. I decided that was not going to work… and after some research into cults, and throughout the course of my advertising campaigns, I feel my other approach was justified.

You see, as it stands, my cult is really nothing more than a philosophy. It doesn’t offer salvation, its leader refuses to take donations, and there is no clear message. And that’s the rub… that is what gets people hooked (at least, that is theoretically what gets people hooked). Countless responses to innocent questions about the nature of my organization by puppet avatars, have been replied to with statements along the lines of “That’s how they all work, they ask for nothing at first, and then once they know all about you… boom.”

Sometimes, I think it is wise to do exactly as people expect you to.
I’m about to start some new advertisement campaigns, focusing on the fringe element of the internet. I’ll let you all know when I tackle /b/ - that will be fun.

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