Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Back and hungover... or is it overhung?

Iranian protesters for the opposition party are under fire by supporters of the current regime. This is not a surprise to me, and I fully expect the violence to escalate. Of course, the Iranian government is already working to shut down telecommunications and the media to limit a global view of the chaos. Although it was initially reported as “gunmen”, video leaking out of Iran shows their official police starting to become involved in the fray. Did anyone really believe this would be a bloodless election?

Had a blast this weekend, did I mention the bottomless Green God Damn? I remember some aspects of the party, a few moments of quasi-sobriety smoking with some girls on the back porch, serving shots, talking business… all of that good stuff. About a hundred people at midnight according to the guest log… absolute blast. I think I remember losing my shirt after the fifth tequila shot, it certainly wasn’t on me when I came too Saturday afternoon, sprawled on a couch alongside a cute brunette... alas both of our pants were in place.

I did make about two dollars off of these blogs over the weekend. So, I covered just less than half of my $5 all-access bar pass. Really need to work on the conversion of views to clicks. Data proves that without advertising the cult blog cannot stand on its own… views steadily decline without a constant source of publicity. I’m working to fix that, making it a bit more radical. All I need is one true-believer and things will really take off. I’ve got five more months…

I promise far more witty and riveting installments upcoming, including posts covering women, politics, and drugs. Right now I’m still recovering from Sunday morning and the send off party. Bookmark me, link to me, and if you see an ad that interests you, click it.


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