Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time to play the Tourist.

I’ve noticed a surge in ads targeting depression treatments on this blog. This has me completely mystified… after all, I’m blogging about unemployment, the crushing cost of higher education, a cult that I’ve founded, and how I’ve turned to the carnal pleasures of life to deal with the financial stress of it all. Depressed? Pfft.

I’m going to blame it on my decision to switch my major to accounting.

Anyways – It’s time to get the travel ads back, so here’s a paragraph about my recent purchase of a trolley tour ticket. Yes, its official, I’m waking up and driving seven and a half hours to the Capital tomorrow. Once there (if I can find a cheap hotel), I’ll take a trolley tour, find another cheap hotel/sleep in the car, and then go visit places such as the Smithsonian, Vietnam Memorial, and hopefully the Air and Space museum (the Hot Air and Empty Space museum is located at the White House).


Oh, I picked up a fresh pack of American Spirits. I figure I should splurge, before the FDA cracks down.


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  1. I like your sense of humor.. the blog looks good! Keep it up.


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