Thursday, June 25, 2009

She’s running on

Remember the two different female friends of mine who had to leave college due to pregnancy? Apparently, the one who ran off has deleted her personal cell and is now ‘using’ the cell of her ultra-controlling “boyfriend”. No one, family or otherwise, has been able to reach her. Sigh. For the last time: Make us wrap it up? M’kay?


Whatever we may tell you otherwise to get into your pants, we aren’t worth it.

Speaking of, I’m looking forwards to seeing a certain redhead later this July – and in august, especially if my tour of the new apartment this Sunday leads me to sign a lease. What better way to break in the new rooms?images4

An interesting side-track, I think the ads for alcohol and rehab are worth much, much, less than ads for transcendental meditation and inner-peace. Although I have more clicks on this blog, earnings per click is substantially less than the occasional click on the cult-blog. Ah well, if you need the treatment, click anyways…

Speaking of alcohol, I’ve got some favors to call in, and I think they’re worth exactly one bottle of spiced rum. I’m not a particularly big fan of rum (From favorite to least: Scotch, Tequila, over-proof bourbon, American Whiskey’s, Everclear, Vodka, random liquor, rum, good wines, bad wines, and in last place, Ghetto wines and liqueurs) … but Ms. Redhead should appreciated it.



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