Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Road Trip!

Washington D.C. – I may just be there tomorrow. When you’re near broke, still haven’t gotten any job leads, are questioning your future, and still getting over the results of minor alcohol poisoning – what better plan than to hope in your car, drive across three sates and visit the capital of the United States?

No, I’m not going to join the ranks of the homeless wandering the DC streets, or lobby for government aid to students… I’m just going to spend two or three days as a tourist… Since I may not get this opportunity again for a long time, it just might be the perfect plan.

Of course, I’d need to wash some clothes, get directions… but assuming I complete those droll tasks – at 8am tomorrow I’m going to hit the highway like a bat out of hell, lit cigarette in my mouth, stereo pounding, and with my ghetto car pushing the limits of its engineering.


On to the cult-blog… visits have dropped again, as has adsense. But since I haven’t advertised it in nearly four days, that drop is to be expected. I’ll start a new campaign this Friday (assuming I’m back from DC), and will be sure to alert you if anyone actually develops real interest in the fabricated organization. The youtube videos for the cult-blog are slowly gathering hits… I think they will be the key to really ramping up future traffic.

When I get some time, I’ll grab a friend and make a truly decent video, or five… and start the link dropping.

I know I promised a post about women, girls, and college females. I’ll get it done.

Heh, I’ve got enough stories…

‘Till then:


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