Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Brother Google

Adsense revenue for the cult-blog stood at a stark $0.00 for yesterday. Hits were down too; lowest they’ve been since its third day. Since it hasn’t even been up a week, it is difficult to discern whether this is due to Tuesday traffic or my limited advertisement campaign that day. So far, the largest visit spike followed my most successful media campaign on Sunday… garnering a bunch of hits within about half an hour.

There is some good news – average time on site, and number of pages viewed per visit is on the rise. Those are good things. Now if they would just click the damn buttons. (A reminder, if you see a link that interests you, give it a click…). So far, working as a cult leader has taught me one thing –

The “don’t drink the kool-aid” joke is used, far, far too much. You think I’m kidding? Every single thread on yahoo answers about my cult starts with someone getting a few cheap laughs off of “Don’t drink the kool-aid”, or “Wait until everyone else has drunk the kool-aid”, or “Just have water instead of the kool-aid”. It really isn’t funny anymore, but it is proof that the phrase is ingrained in our society at a depth I never even imagined.


I would like to take this time to thank Big-Brother google. Without you, I wouldn’t know what cities my hits were coming from, what operating systems my visitors are using, what sort of connection, browser, screen colors, the site they came from, what they searched for… dear google, you are the PI’s wet dream.

(I was able to track down the myspace of one visitor, via some sleuthing and google’s tracking… ain’t that creepy?) But hey, I kiss my privacy goodbye every time I get on the internet. We do what we must do.


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