Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stressing over the small things…

…Is really a waste of my time. Nonetheless, preparing for this internship, trying to bulk back up (that won’t be happening until July), dealing with the finances (rather, dealing without finances), doing my duties for the Fraternity – all of those big stressors seem to create a two mile pile-up when they run into “cleaning the dishes” and “shopping for food”, or “Blogging to make sure blogger redirects”.

Unfortunately, the usual salves for these things (sex, pipe smoking, cigarette smoking, alcohol, salvia, America’s favorite herb), never provide a permanent solution. They are useful when you are facing circumstances out of your control and need to chill… but when you’ve GOT to get that cover letter written, or that blog post typed, suddenly you’re on your own.

(Although a drunken post may eventual provide ya’ll with some hilarity.)


So I’m just going to tackle the big things one at a time. Starting with this blog post. Making a list, as much as I resist it, always ensures I get at least the first thing done. And that is better than getting nothing done.

So, blog post…Food shopping… Cover letter… Fraternity…  and we’ll go from there.

Then we can get back to the Alcohol.



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