Saturday, June 27, 2009

‘Cause rust never sleeps

Met with some old co-workers of mine, ended up attending an outdoor BBQ/drinking session with them for a few hours. Only had a couple shots and a few beers, so no hangover to speak of, which is good considering all of the stuff I need to do today. But I’ll get to all of that in a moment.

First, a few words about these guys: None of us are exactly ‘high class’, but you could consider D. to be trailer trash. A twenty-something with a pregnant girlfriend, working an entry level job, his is a sad case. The worst part is, over the course of the last year, he hasn’t changed one bit.

Another guy, L. hasn’t changed either in the past year, but he’s in his late fifties. Further, he’s already gotten his life mostly straightened out, although he still deals with feelings for a crazy ex. Back in the day, L. was a member of a local motorcycle gang, did the party scene, and travelled around the country. Now he’s working entry-level and saving for a new custom motorcycle. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind ending up like this, minus the crazy ex.

What I don’t want to end up as, and where D. is heading, is T.

T. from all I can gather, never went through the whole explore and grow phase. He’s in his late fifties, like L., but has no interesting past, no great accomplishments, no particular hobbies or goals. The man works entry-level management. It’s sad to speak to him on matters other than work.

After the BBQ, and the drive home (I sobered up quite nicely), it just struck me – in the midst of researching a change in major, how vital it is to avoid getting stuck on autopilot. You’ve got to constantly be growing and seeking some new goal, or you stagnate. Better to burn out than to fade away, and this cliché is hammered home by what I saw yesterday.

I’m blessed (and I don’t really see why, considering the nature of my lifestyle), in that I have grown and changed a great deal over the last two years. And for the whole, it has been for the better.

Meh. If I write much more it will turn into something akin to a stoner rant.


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