Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Yeah N*gg*, you's a penguin looking motherf****r."*

*Lyrics from a song by Dr. Dre off of his groundbreaking album The Chronic. Possibly the most recognized west-coast album, and one of the most recognized rap albums of all time.

Those of you interested in geo-finances should click here. This is straight up escape velocity rap dissection. If you are my usual reader demographic (white), and aren't in a situation where you can approach this with an interested mind (actively trying to understand its perspective), steer clear. You've been forewarned, its a sat. night, and I've just jot back from the middle of a five day work week. This heat (106 degrees f.) is hell when my job is so labor intensive, with a good portion spent outside under the sky. But hey, Roofer's have it far worse, and my hats off to them when it comes to stamina.

Not my employer. But similar work.
Back to rap. This is written in hopes to explain to the inquisitive reader (the one who kept scrolling) just what it is that I find so great about rap. I'm not going to try to shove grandiose statements at you... but understand I'm inclined to believe rap is the biggest mainstream musical innovation since the proliferation of music based around the guitar. So here are some examples, of lines from rap and from prose, just to keep you on your toes.

"Son, life is a pool of sin, corrupted with foolish men. An' women with wicked minds, who build picket signs to legalize abortion, the evil eye distortion. I quiz (my) son with my wisdom."
Yeah, that's a rap line. From a song many Christian's would reject as blasphemy, it may not go where you think its going. The song is B.I.B.L.E. and is a collaboration of  Killah Priest & Genius GZA. GZA is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, and B.I.B.L.E. was first featured on his excellent solo album Liquid Swords.

"I'm a cash money millionaire look at my Rolie (Rolex) girl. Drop to your knees top ya hair, ah ah slow me girl. Now hit it strong, won't be long, now catch it slowly girl. No he didn't say that, yes I did girl"
 Is it rap? I don't like to make blanket statements, but this is some of the sh*ttiest rap you will find. This is that joke of human being "lil' wayne". This is the ammunition that people use to trash rap. And it is a real shame. You don't judge Rock by Kiss, you can't judge Rap by Wayne. I mean seriously, he uses "girl" FOUR f*king times, its complete garbage.

"This game is Chinese chess, countless issues need to be addressed, before the East nukes the West. Totalitarianistic cause-'n-effect, "Run the words through a decompressor, recompress the depth", Canibus is the most explosive next to meth? The inconsistency of the text, makes me complex Pay attention to 'bis my intention is this, leave you spatially adrift suspended in the abyss."
More Rap, but by a rapper with one of the larger vocabularies (but nowhere near the best rapper) Canibus. Can you spot the difference between that and Wayne? I promise, the audible difference when hearing the two songs is even more drastic than it appears on paper.

Eh, its to late to give some more examples. Work tomorrow.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Righteous Teachers.

I am aware that we are only what three days from the debt ceiling (used to be known as  the debt limit). I am also aware that the sheep are getting restless, and things are starting to reach a fever pitch in the markets. But I'm hedged in silver, own a nice new pistol, a fair amount of water & food, and have a job (knock on wood).  So if this is TEOTWAWKI, I'm at least somewhat prepped. Personally, I expect to see the "ceiling raised", though I'd prefer the term "limit breached". In other words, I expect to be able to ride this souring gravy train of America until November. Or at least, September...

So you will forgive me if I try not to concern myself with things out of my control, and deal with more pressing concerns such as my looming roommate issues. Honestly, I'm sort of stuck until I nail that problem. Today is a rest day, in terms of physical fitness, but I've got an eight-hour labor intensive shift ahead of me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Born to Run....*

*I explain the hip-hop references, but do you really need an explanation for Bruce? Song at the end of the post.

So, realistically I might be having to move shortly. My current roommate will be leaving for better lodgings, but due to school and other concerns, I am unable to follow. Honestly I've not really spent as much time searching for a roommate. This is something that I will address in this week. After all, if I am going to have to move, I need to plan for it. This looming problem coupled with my trysts with a brunette skirt, and a 40 hour work week, have kept me away.

For those who needed Born to Run explained: this is a brunette skirt.

To get back on track: An order of silver I placed back when spot was 38 has arrived. Of course, this precipitates silvers first dip below 40 in three days... But as I've said over, and over, and over... you don't play physical short term, just paper. I've successfully run my cash reserves down in the last few days, I'll be pulling as much out of the bank prior to the second as possible. Unlike many, I don't expect some TEOTWAWKI scenario where I'll be able to swap a silver eagle for a gallon of gas with ease. But like many, I'm a firm believer that "if you can't hold it, you don't own it" with money.

My health has been great... I've entered the second phase of what has become a four week creatine cycle extension. Basically I'm going to try and ramp up these last four weeks (Because I don't know if I'll be around this city at the end) finish this creatine cycle-cut, and move into a bulk (bulking is cheap compared to cutting strangely. Mostly because it doesn't require such a set home routine, something that would be hugely f.cked for an indefinite period of time if I am forced to move to someplace cheaper.

<- This is a blatant plug, but I am in need of money, and this is an excellent foundation to start with before getting into Ab Ripper X. A portion of all sales through this link go to me, and in turn, supporting the blog.

Nothing will replace low-bodyfat in terms of rapid Ab visibility, but the more muscle your core has, the higher your body fat can be with visible abs. All of the Ab Ripper programs I've tested are extremely good about increasing over-all-core strength (great for martial arts/sports), but also are a great way to improve core aesthetics.

Check it out, & now back to our regular programing:

Phase two is really just a preparatory stage for the bulk - Ala - getting the body ready. For those who have commented in the past and asked for a routine, here is the current one. 3x days a week, each workout day is basically the same. I perform Ab Ripper X about a half hour before going to the gym. Phase 2 at the gym is

#1: Incline DB press: 4 sets, 8-12 reps each, advance in weight at 12/8/8/8. So a circuit might look like: Set 1: 40lb DB's x12. Set 2 45lb DB's x10. Set 3 50lb DB's x8. Set 4 50lb DB's x6

#2: DB Squats: 4 Sets, 5-8 Reps each, advancing on 8/8/8/8

#3 Pullups: 3 Sets, each to failure.  

#4 Incline DB flies w/twist: 4 sets, 8-12 reps each, advancing on 12/10/10/10
Honestly, this is more of a gimmick. After these critical 4, I'll do some other work, often rows, DL, OH presses and the like. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 We are about to have three carriers within striking range of Iran just over two months before the upcoming Palestinian state vote.  I'm very, very concerned. I am under the belief that we will see a war between Israel and Iran within that time period. It has been boiling and boiling. I think Israel is feeling to much economic pressure, it is nearing the point where it must attempt a "six day war". With further political will around the globe weakening, and with economic disaster looming over Europe, now is the time.  If we were playing a strategy game, this would be my six months overview of Israel.
United States Carrier Movements
 There are two great dangers to Israel. The first great danger consists of hostile Muslims, and anti-Semitic regimes such as Iran. The second is of magnitudes larger: political climate towards my nation. Now, I (playing Israel) am in a cold war with Iran. Neither nation is eager to pull the trigger and face the clearly gun-happy Americans, and the grey threat of the EU, whose military had been little seen. (Obviously, Israel might face the economic wrath of these countries, while Iran would probably feel bombs.)

But now, the "international community" is in shambles. The united states doesn't have the economic capability to hurt Israel, and probably would not react terribly negatively to an Israel first strike. Europe is rapidly facing economic collapse, and, given the jump in fuel if I struck first, probably would go under very fast. So no international condemnation. The united states is nearing the end of its presence in Iraq, which from Israel's perspective, is only going to hasten a powerful Iran. Striking now, I'd still have the Americans as a buffer. Five years from now, Iraq and Iran might be leading armies of liberation into Palestine following a successful vote.

Egypt is out of commission, as is Ghaddafi, whose gold and unhindered presence could have easily funded some serious bombings (as he's done before). Further, the Anti-missile defense system Israel put into use this spring, has been an apparent success. I doubt there are enough stocks to deal with Palestinian rockets, but if Iranian MRBM's get through Iraq, I'm sure the Israelis' would be confident that never before have they had this level of protection. 
A meltdown in the EU and the US (caused by war) would probably also injure china, to a point where it might be unable to sustain any military action (although Taiwan might vanish). Japan isn't going to be doing anything, and in fact, I could almost expect the US and China to do a quick swap, by-by Taiwan, goodbye Iran.


But anyway, to far past initial hostilities and we're just talking fantasy. But I think we will see it go down by September and will prep accordingly.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Godz Must Be Crazy...

...and paranoid.*
*Lyrics from a track called "The Godz..." featured at the end of the post.

Wow. Two weeks, sorry about that. I ended up dealing with some surprising depression, coupled with a great deal of progress in some of my investments. To be honest, the reason I haven't been posting has been mostly feminine, I've been seeing two different girls. Although I've slacked on some projects (like this blog), I think my respiratory and circulatory system have seen some good exercise. Anyways... Time Enough For Love, I'm back with something of an albums length. 

 First up, I'll quickly leave those who've been following the financial aspect of my blog an update. I've placed a large order this morning at spot $38/Oz. This is a big jump for me, but I'm growing extremely concerned about the t-minus 7 days until debt ceiling breach. I intend to run as close to minimal bank capital as possible. I'm not above the possibility of an even early breach, as I don't believe the government accountants can account for excess "under the radar" spending. I want at least a months supply to stave off any initial crash. I can't afford more, and I'm an apartment dweller. 

A Zepplin fan might recognize.
I'm really struggling to figure out some longer term goals. I'll be returning to tech in august, looking to finish out a degree, I need to pick up a new roommate (current one is moving), earn enough to stay in school, housed, and fed... all while putting away enough so that I might break free of financial slavery earlier in life. Honestly, I think that is just how extreme my views on the subject have gotten. I'm in some debt from the university, a burden that isn't financially crushing, but emotionally heavy. I just want to be free, as until that debt is paid - all that I accumulate as savings is just collateral. 

But I'm really more interested in finding out what I desire, and where I desire to go and do. I'm 22... soon to be 23. I've accomplished almost all of my summer goals, including silver targets, buying a new pistol, landing this new chick (women and cigarettes are my biggest vices), physical shape, getting a job (and staying employed), and furthering my understanding of myself. 

This month can't be like the others, I will use the next fifteen days to operate under a new set of goals, erasing some of the past ones. Circumstances are changing, but somethings are immutable. I need to register for classes at tech, run spreadsheets for the new change in cash flow, outline a 3 semester plan, with clear and achievable goals. I will actually back off on the financial worry, allow others to take care of more of my burdens. The get-rich quick schemes of the summer (which have led to a lot of experience, joy, and in some cases, relative profit), must fade to the background in place of the cooler persistence which leads to academic success. 

Physically I'm about to kick things into a higher gear. I'm armed with the best and most refined nutrition plan I've ever developed, or had access to (money restricts what food you can buy). I'm seeing very nice results as I start the sixth week of my ten week re-comp. My goal is 168lb 'morning after waking', with a 'combat weight' (<- me in the middle of the day, dressed, having eaten etc) of around 173. Of particular interest to me, with my apothecary hobbies, was a controlled labs product called Oximega. Basically a monster dose of many greens and herbs, any one who is looking to skip the vegetable juicing might wish to check it out. I bought a vegetable juicer a few years ago at walmart, and still whip of some random combinations, but Oximega is a fantastic label supplement.

I'm going to head to the gym in a little bit. I hit a new incline DB press PR, and I intend to really hit the gym hard. I'll report.