Friday, July 29, 2011

Righteous Teachers.

I am aware that we are only what three days from the debt ceiling (used to be known as  the debt limit). I am also aware that the sheep are getting restless, and things are starting to reach a fever pitch in the markets. But I'm hedged in silver, own a nice new pistol, a fair amount of water & food, and have a job (knock on wood).  So if this is TEOTWAWKI, I'm at least somewhat prepped. Personally, I expect to see the "ceiling raised", though I'd prefer the term "limit breached". In other words, I expect to be able to ride this souring gravy train of America until November. Or at least, September...

So you will forgive me if I try not to concern myself with things out of my control, and deal with more pressing concerns such as my looming roommate issues. Honestly, I'm sort of stuck until I nail that problem. Today is a rest day, in terms of physical fitness, but I've got an eight-hour labor intensive shift ahead of me.


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