Friday, July 15, 2011

The Godz Must Be Crazy...

...and paranoid.*
*Lyrics from a track called "The Godz..." featured at the end of the post.

Wow. Two weeks, sorry about that. I ended up dealing with some surprising depression, coupled with a great deal of progress in some of my investments. To be honest, the reason I haven't been posting has been mostly feminine, I've been seeing two different girls. Although I've slacked on some projects (like this blog), I think my respiratory and circulatory system have seen some good exercise. Anyways... Time Enough For Love, I'm back with something of an albums length. 

 First up, I'll quickly leave those who've been following the financial aspect of my blog an update. I've placed a large order this morning at spot $38/Oz. This is a big jump for me, but I'm growing extremely concerned about the t-minus 7 days until debt ceiling breach. I intend to run as close to minimal bank capital as possible. I'm not above the possibility of an even early breach, as I don't believe the government accountants can account for excess "under the radar" spending. I want at least a months supply to stave off any initial crash. I can't afford more, and I'm an apartment dweller. 

A Zepplin fan might recognize.
I'm really struggling to figure out some longer term goals. I'll be returning to tech in august, looking to finish out a degree, I need to pick up a new roommate (current one is moving), earn enough to stay in school, housed, and fed... all while putting away enough so that I might break free of financial slavery earlier in life. Honestly, I think that is just how extreme my views on the subject have gotten. I'm in some debt from the university, a burden that isn't financially crushing, but emotionally heavy. I just want to be free, as until that debt is paid - all that I accumulate as savings is just collateral. 

But I'm really more interested in finding out what I desire, and where I desire to go and do. I'm 22... soon to be 23. I've accomplished almost all of my summer goals, including silver targets, buying a new pistol, landing this new chick (women and cigarettes are my biggest vices), physical shape, getting a job (and staying employed), and furthering my understanding of myself. 

This month can't be like the others, I will use the next fifteen days to operate under a new set of goals, erasing some of the past ones. Circumstances are changing, but somethings are immutable. I need to register for classes at tech, run spreadsheets for the new change in cash flow, outline a 3 semester plan, with clear and achievable goals. I will actually back off on the financial worry, allow others to take care of more of my burdens. The get-rich quick schemes of the summer (which have led to a lot of experience, joy, and in some cases, relative profit), must fade to the background in place of the cooler persistence which leads to academic success. 

Physically I'm about to kick things into a higher gear. I'm armed with the best and most refined nutrition plan I've ever developed, or had access to (money restricts what food you can buy). I'm seeing very nice results as I start the sixth week of my ten week re-comp. My goal is 168lb 'morning after waking', with a 'combat weight' (<- me in the middle of the day, dressed, having eaten etc) of around 173. Of particular interest to me, with my apothecary hobbies, was a controlled labs product called Oximega. Basically a monster dose of many greens and herbs, any one who is looking to skip the vegetable juicing might wish to check it out. I bought a vegetable juicer a few years ago at walmart, and still whip of some random combinations, but Oximega is a fantastic label supplement.

I'm going to head to the gym in a little bit. I hit a new incline DB press PR, and I intend to really hit the gym hard. I'll report.



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