Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time enough for love*...

I have real business to attend.
*A must read for any fellow Heinlein fan**. 
**Don't start with this if new to Heinlein.

Its almost a new month, and its time for me to write up a recap of my progress. I'll be updating this post in snippets for the next few hours, until my next work shift. No updates tonight, I'll be busy selling the moon*** to a particular cashier.  I'll start with my financial situation. Then move to a brief overview of my health situation. If I have time, I'll close with a short recap of some of my goals

***Just a day for Heinlein
 This last week certainly saw me slip on the budgeting. But what I slipped on, I made up for by clamping down in other areas. In particular, the expenses came from beer and dinner-out, but I spent less on other recreational pursuits. It balanced out nicely. Compared to my situation at the start of May, I'm doing much better. Next month I will try and clamp down even harder on my recreational spending. Not because I "have" to, but because I want the extra silver money. Even with hours at work at a low, I'm still pulling through with a positive balance sheet. 

The best part, even though my FRN's aren't in as good a positive flow as I'd like, my other investments have seen great jumps. Silver of course, is the flagship, and I've invested double the starting hedge I did last month. It has been one of the most positive things I've done, but I have had to fight back the urge to strip cash flow for (my goal of) a five year investment and inflation hedge. 

How can you see this & not jump ship?
My stock investments chug along on autopilot, with ultra safe, but almost yield less returns. The amount in the accounts doesn't warrant my attention, I'm simply trying to accumulate more risk capital to invest later, and I want it to slowly (but safely) pool in case I have to drain it for emergency needs since I'm pushing down my liquidity. My solvency is through the roof though. 

J/k... Relax. 

As far as my health goes, its been going, going great. Despite a particular weekend bender, I've bounced back physically and mentally. Bodyfat is dropping according to mirror, I haven't been able to hit it with the calipers. Weight is stable, triceps growing, as is chest and lower back. I'm about to get back into sprinting, and my water intake and nutrition have been top notch. Even faced with some crazy scheduling, I've feel like I've been able to hit my daily caloric and macro goals.

So cheers to you and I, as we cross into a new month. Let us make it as productive as we can, in all things.



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