Saturday, May 28, 2011

How about you just learn patience?

This is wrapping up as another positive month for me. My typing is distracted, I can't resist playing with an American Silver Eagle every few minutes. Holding an Oz of silver in your hand is really titillating on some sublime level. The metal itself is beautiful, and that distinctive 'ring' is incredibly pleasant on the ears. There is no doubt in my mind that precious metals DO stimulate human emotions. Which is exactly why, when buying up bits of shiny metal that ring nicely, you need to remember patience.

If you have to ask...
I'm having difficulty budgeting for the pistol I want and the silver I desire. Whether I need either of those things is up to your opinion. If I couldn't have both, then it might be worth my stress. But I found myself this morning actually subconsciously concerned about not being able to buy a pistol until the end of next month, and also concerns on whether or not I should spend that money on more silver. It was leading me to make some emotional decisions with my budgeting.

Take a step back from things that you desire to purchase. In my case, I've known a want for a new pistol for years, but haven't set it as a high priority. Silver is a much newer vehicle for my libertarian side to express itself. However, my short term needs to raise & store cash and cash-equivalents have served to hinder my purchase of another firearm to keep at the apartment (I already own a .22lr carbine). In particular, I've felt an urgency to ride the market very closely - which means waiting while I accumulate the money for the pistol's I've envisioned during the past would take a month or two. This lead to a change in what I wanted in a pistol.

Basically, I've already shorted myself enough on the pistol. Silver will take a backseat temporarily (unless of course we see Silver < $30), and I should have a new gun by the middle of next month. I'll let y'all know. The first week of a new month is always financially cloudy, as that's when I pay off all of my bills.


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