Monday, May 16, 2011

That constant search for progress

I'm going to give the silver a rest for the next day or two, unless something drastic changes. I won't be able to buy more silver until my paycheck arrives, and that will be another week. In the meantime, I'm working on several smaller projects, and of course - both that short scenario, and the health/personal growth goals I'd set out. I'm working later today, and I'm going to take a moment to speak on these things. File this one under the "Philosophy" part of the blog.

Man is not meant to be stagnant. For thousands of years humanity has always gravitated towards a specific type of athletic thinker. It was the ideal of the Greeks and Romans. And it has been taken to the extreme by our modern bodybuilders, willing to experiment and pave the way for (what I hope will be) a deregulation of steroids, which in my opinion, have tremendous potential in the medical and military field.

That said, learning from the wisdom of thousands of active, strong, generations, we find no pro-hormones or Clen cycles are needed to gain a health, good looking body. Remember, you aren't going to achieve the results of Arnold (if ever) in a single day. Progress will be measured by months, not days - so what matters is increasing your AVERAGE amount of positive physical change and sustaining it for a period of time. What is the timeless "crash diet" critique? They started off strong, then shortly exploded? Whereas the average "built" person started with a less intense approach, and scaled it up over months.

Every little thing you do matters... but keep it in the scale of a month, not a day, when it comes to physical health.


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