Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Update

In addition to financial musings, I also feel its time to start incorporating some of the subjects of my other blog projects. Particularly, those on health. I've already talked the occasional tangent related to to the physical field, but here is an update from a recent doctors visit:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 169
BPM 60 (I blame this on nicotine withdrawal, I got lots of shaking-bouts, and heightened heart rate)
Heart and breathing good, blood pressure good.
Clean bill of health.

Bodyfat around 11-12% and dropping, mirror almost revealing abs. Summer is off to a good start.

The current "diet" I'm on is a culmination of three years of tweaking -  (and remember "diet" is a weak word for what should be a lifestyle change):

During the average workday I wake up and have a bowl of cereal, a protein shake (ON Whey bannana cream and whole milk), and the first Optimum Nutrition Multi of the three for the day. For lunch I often grab a couple handful of nuts and a sliced turkey BLT wrap, and another shake (1 scoop or +24g protein each, so not particularly big doses of whey). For my workbreak and dinner I often grab local fastfood, such as Hardees big bag special (2 double cheeseburger's, french fry, apple turnover + sweet tea for about $5.45) I will also usually drink a starbucks energy drink prior to my shift.

On my days off, I often eat a slimmer breakfast, then a gigantic feast for a late lunch (to a reasonable level, I don't go drastically past my caloric needs). This "feast" today was a loaf of Artisan Roasted Garlic Bread + stick of Goat Cheese (on sale) the large majority of a rotisserie chicken, and about four shakes mixed throughout the day with a few handfuls of mixed nuts.

Bear in mind that I've got a moderately active job (walking for 8 hour shifts, occasionally moving moderately heavy things like paving stones, or mulch bags, etc.), and do my current (limited) workout routine all week long. So my maintenance caloric needs may be larger compared to people with a desk job, or who are older.


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