Thursday, November 11, 2010

Korean Ginseng

Not going to advertise Ginseng, but I feel writing about my current Ginseng experience is important for those readers who follow this blog for the occasional health tip. For those unaware (how can you not be?) Ginseng is that legendary herb that has been a perennial favorite of herbal health. I picked up a standardized bottle from a local grocery store a month back to take as a placebo (works wonders when your high). 

My bottle is standardized at 7% ginsenosides/100mg, and I had been taking about 300mg a day for the past three weeks, with no particularly noticeable effects. I've recently (read, yesterday) started dosing with 500mg+ and am curious as to any results. Its way to early to provide data on this, but I'll keep y'all updated.

Those abs are popping out rapidly now that I'm nearly the end of my cut, and I found out the university hasn't suspended my ID card that I use to access the gym. This means I have ready access to the university's full gym, something I didn't know two months ago.

I'll make a post about the differences between technical college and university life later, right now I'm enjoying the savings on tuition and the newly realized free gym.


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