Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The forum is up!

Or I suppose you could just click this link

The main site will be up and running by late tonight, but I'm getting the forum started. Its always such a daunting task to get a forum up and running. I'm using adwords to test some traffic generation, but I won't be able to make any money until I hook up the main account to adsense. Eventually I'll incorporate ads into the forum itself, but for now that is on the backburner. Getting a stable community of around 100 members is what I'm focused on in the next two weeks. Things will become much easier once the main site is up.

On a random note, I have a loaded air-rifle in my lap. I'm waiting on a rat/mouse that's slowly been chewing a hole in the wall to resume. Then I'm going to put the muzzle to the hole, squeeze the trigger, and pray the little fellow wont smell to badly in the coming days.

Google bot arrived at the forum seconds after this post went up.


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