Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Ten Year Plan.

Just when you thought the plans hadn't gone far enough, I present to you, the ten year plan.
It is this, at the end of ten years, own or have the cash or cash equivalents to purchase 40+ acres of good land and be debt free with solid savings. So we have three main objectives. Here is how I plan to achieve it.

For the land, I intend to start trading the stock market. Which may be suicidal given what I believe will go down. But I've selected a very specific basket of stocks, and I think on a five-ten year time-line I can adjust. If the stock market just implodes and TEOWAWKI hits, I've other plans. Now, I plan to get a bunch of other investors to join me in the development of our own mutual fund. Ideally it will provide in ten years, all or a good portion of the investment.

For the savings, I'm still going to be investing in physical silver. In ten years, that could be at minimum 240oz, so just under 10k at todays spot. That's fine, I personally expect it to be worth far, far more in ten years.

For the debt, if I can work out a comprehensive plan in the next three months, relatives may be willing to loan me the money to pay off my student debts at 0%. Freeing up a great deal of my income to dump into investment.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The New Three Month Plan:

Edit: Just so your aware, I'm just waiting for all financial hell to break loose. Its coming. Soon. 

Sorry for the delay, I'm back. I will be taking on a new side project the next three months. The formation of a Dojo, using the small space in the backyard. I welcome any advice from DIY, or those who have personal experience with such setups. The space is a small rectangle that extends past the edge of the house, I think approx L 20'x W 10' (200sq ft). The other long-side is bordered by empty office space. One short side dead ends into a rusted chain fence meshed into overgrown crap. The other, is open and facing the nearby apartment block.

The first phase is to cut wall off that short side, to that end I've sunk an 8 foot post into the ground, and intend to find a cheap, weather, rot, and damage resistant way to put up siding between the post and another post already set out about four feet from the edge of the house. Money has been incredibly tight, and I can't afford to buy the siding yet.

After that, its a matter of securing the long back border. Temporary solutions such as stringing fishing line are not satisfactory, but I haven't thought up a cheap way to secure that long trash-tree-overgrown border.  I was considering sinking re-bar into cement to form X patterns between the trees. The mosquitoes are terrible, I must buy roundup.

(Roundup $24.99, Siding to cover 45 sqr ft, 2x 80lb bag quickcrete ($6.29), 3x rebar ($7.49).) Est. Pricetag: $50

Phase Two, after fencing and a mosquito elimination, will be the designation of the first sparing square. An 8ft x 8ft square. A larger tournament square nearby would be ideal. This smaller square must be multipurpose, in  addition to sparring (primarily striking), it must also be host to conditioning and (potentially) heavy resistance training. Further, It will need to be able to be divided, to allow crowd/and corner.  My initial thought is to dig four 1Ft deep channels around each side, then dig out the interior to half that depth. Place four black 4" drain pipes and gravel around the sides. Then drop 6" of sand.

Edit, scrap the drain pipes, unnecessary use of $22
(Gravel might be to expensive. Sand will be expensive.)

Phase Three: Set up room for seating against back fence.