Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silver Bitchez

Last night, I almost bought more silver (federal reserve toilet-paper likes to burn holes in my pocket). If I had, I would have paid $2 extra per oz. Silver has retraced its two day gains, dipping back to $36/oz and seems to be climbing past noon, inching over $37. Thankfully, I decided against the buy, and retained the liquidity hedge.

So this morning I've determined to hold on to that silver money, its going towards a pistol if the price/oz jumps in the next few weeks. If the price drops... say, lower than 32, count me in on the first wave. But of course, I'll retain a hedge in case the price drops even further, or rockets to the moon.

Old-school silver mine.

In the interim, I am debating the purchase of a new firebox, specifically for the storage of my ASE assets. I must admit I have even begun to research the subject, but I will, as always, keep you updated if I make a purchase decision complete with a review.


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