Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Advice On Life

 This can be filed under philosophy. Check the archived posts on the side to visit other topics of this blog, such as the financial markets, physical health, and so much more.

Remember that novel 'cult-blog' I started up years ago to make some money on the side? Well, it has given me extreme room to explore concepts of self-knowledge. The thing is, I've always envisioned a second stage for this blog. I would like at some point in my life to try my hand at living as a Guru.

This, in addition to some other prerequisites (which I'm going to claim trade secretes), requires an actual philosophy. The cult blog required only a marketable one, thanks to the anonymity of the internet. However, if am I want to seamlessly transition into the role in real life, I need something that won't sink my reputation. E.g. I must BELIEVE in what im saying. and for me to believe in something, i have to have determined it true (but always subject to change).

 So now we get to the meat of the post. When it comes to making progress, it isn't the days where you are feeling great and go above and beyond the limits you've set for yourself. It's the weeks where you feel like sh*t and still do the routine. I've said this before, but it needed a more concise reiteration.


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