Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to Basics.

No, I don't own the Fundraising For Dummies book. But I feel its about time I give an update on the progress I've been making in my own efforts at personal monetary gain.
I'll admit I've gotten pretty distracted at times, thanks primarily to redheads, and in some cases alcohol

Right now I'm making forays into the world of herbal cigarette blends. Those who read this blog already know that I'm a Merchant of Death when it comes to smoking, and are also aware that I may or may not have dabbled in entheogens. Well, imagine smoking a cigarette that contains a proprietary (legal!) herbal blend that gets you stoned. Prototypes are in the works.

Unfortunately for me, any profit from such is at least a few weeks off, but I will keep y'all updated. In the interim, of the forty-five job applications I've submitted, the closest I've come to a real job was a non-interview where the manager told me that while there were no position to fill, he'd contact me in the event of any vacancies. After three days of phone tag, and showing up in person only to find he's busy in a meeting.

Persistence is a virtue right?


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