Saturday, September 25, 2010

That Party Last Night...

It is the expert opinion of a friend that Asher Roth was a leading cause of the freshman dropout rate a few semesters back. Banal lyrics, and a carefree, unrealistic look at college life. I consider myself to have a very high standard in musical tastes - from Frank Zappa to A Tribe Called Quest - and Asher Roth normally would have no business in my vocabulary. However, some nights just require the title's tagline. 'Cause yeah, its 4:30AM, but the party don't stop. I've returned to my New Castle binges.

The key, as with everything is moderation. Early in the semester its easy to get away with week-long all night drinking binges. Everyone has money, and all the fraternities (including mine) are trying to grab freshmen interest with house-hopping keggers that span six or seven hours. At my local college, in the first week of this semester, on one street within a block of campus there were two keggers and three parties. Freshmen were called up and marched out in droves, and at two am that street was covered with groups of threes and fours staggering back to the dorms.

It's nights like those, and this one, that imbibe (no pun intended) me with a feeling that yeah - college life is certainly more than the parties - but that parties are more unique to the college environment than any academic bullshit the administration would try and sell.  You can get nearly the education yourself, or at tech (which I'm technically [pun intended this time] enrolled in this semester)... but the sub-culture of Animal House-Esque exploits are something that define the college experience for anyone who seeks it out.

Of course, if you continue the intensity of the first few weeks, you will soon join the other 36% of the freshman class that drops in their first year.


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