Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Switching over the lease.

I'm about to have the lease changed over to my name. My roommate will be heading out after graduation at the end of December. This puts some strain on my projected budget, since I have to find a new roommate to share the burden of rent with by the start of the spring. Thankfully, due to my Fraternity, I've already got a pool of twelve guys who are interested and bidding for the spot. Can we say Greek life hath its privileges?

Greek life has gotten such a negative rap, and I am consistently amazed by the irreverence and spite directed towards members of Fraternities and Sororities.  Usually I think its directed from a place of jealousy, and occasionally has legitimate concerns (if coming from parents and not students). The labels of "buying" your friends, the constant assumption of alcoholic and drug abuse (which I feel is just a part of college life), and the overhanging stereotypes of elitist phaggots banging sheep pervades lots of internet forums.

First, every Greek organization is different. Then, the chapters that make up the organization are as diverse as the campuses they represent. Of course some chapters are a bunch of tools, and some do participate in barbaric hazing. Others are strictly business, groups of tightly bonded professionals advancing themselves and the community with well organized events that raise thousands. Most fall in between.

The crazy parties we're known for are a fact. A fact of college. And I would say we do it right - with no incidents of alcohol poisoning, no brothers getting arrested, a terrific risk team that keeps the crowd safe... these are the things you should be looking for as an indication of a chapter's positive influence.

Its the non-fraternity house parties thrown by people who don't have decades of experience crafting safe, fun, and wild parties that get in trouble and create problems. That and stupid freshmen who don't follow the advice we provide them.


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