Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halo Reach, Buy It.

Four good friends, four controllers, one big television - and hours of alien carnage the likes of which haven't impressed me since the original Doom series.  Halo Reach's campaign is a candle beside the nuclear blast that is Firefight. Endless waves of alien bastards for your killing pleasure, with progressively harder waves and hundreds of user-defined variables, offer a sandbox of violence.

Halo ODST pioneered Halo's vision of a Firefight mode (something as old as gaming, despite what bungie would have us believe.), and Halo Reach gets it right. With specialized "loadouts", you can fight against the tide with SPARTAN's equipped with jet packs, special bubble shields that never run out, temporary but unlimited invulnerability, and other gear that offers an expansive experience that hasn't been matched in recent console first person shooters.

My one complaint (and its not really a complaint), is that after getting spoiled by ODST, I constantly find myself missing the seemingly endless barrage of grenades that I used to be able to through. New weapons, including a covenant multiple-grenade/missile launcher, and standard grenade-gun, make up for any decrease in 'nade power. If you haven't bought this game for yourself, click the amazon link above and do so now. One of the few modern video games I can get behind 100%.


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