Monday, June 22, 2009

Another girl down.


News has come in today, that yet another female friend is pregnant and has dropped out of college. That makes two this summer that I knew personally.

Now, don’t mistake me, I am hardly a champion of abstinence (only a few days ago I ended up with a charming waitress)… but the level of irresponsibility that pervades this campus infuriates me.

This young-adult bull shit that the media portrays at all levels (from Juno, to the Secret life of the American teenager), is so counter to reality, so hypocritical, and makes such a mockery of the reality I see everyday… that I am at a loss for words.


I’ve seen two girls lose a shot at their education, and while one at least was putting out to a guy who took responsibility and will marry and support her, the other ran off with an emotionally abusive sack of shit. Neither was using any form of protection.

Come on! The health center offers free condoms! The administration is doing everything they can to empower me to act like a mad bunny (Not that I’ve needed any prodding)… the least you can do is make us wrap it up.

The last thing the up-and-coming generation needs are more “Can do!” stories from the media. What we need are REAL stories. I particularly enjoyed a show I watched on MTV a couple years ago where the producers picked up real young adults, and followed them... let our high school kiddies see the real consequences of children, of quitting school, of living paycheck to paycheck.

Real life is a better teacher than any Flash game, or “Can do!” teen pregnancy flick.

Yeah, my life was and is certainly no morality highlight from the fifties – but that doesn’t mean I condone it: Especially when I believe good chunk of humanity is several fries short of a happy meal.


I’m now going back to collecting pin-ups for my new apartment.


Giggity giggity goo!


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