Monday, June 8, 2009

Heeeey Baby, there ain't no easy way out...

I checked my email today. Financial Aid came through. So with some trepidation I glanced at the numbers, and with incredible willpower refrained from sticking my foot through the library computer. You see, once the $7,500 in new loans is factored out, I am expected to cough up thirteen grand. No way in hell, am I, an unemployed (though desperately job hunting, 30+ applications and counting) college student going to get that much money.

This time last year, at least, I had a steady job and was getting offered a cut in five-pounds of marijuana (alas it fell through). Currently, I have $4 in the bank account, working odd jobs and desperate to raise the exorbitant cost of instate (not even out of state) public tuition. But I'm not one of those emo freshmen that walk onto campus complaining about a lack of razor blades... not me... I'm an upperclassmen by God and Professor! So, what does any political science major of this generation do when faced with economic crisis?

Start a cult.


Oh yeah.

You think I'm kidding? I've gotten hits from all over the world, and the cult site has only been up for two days. I've made adsense revenue while I slept (A total of $6... um... ). It is led by a charismatic individual who quit middle management to achieve enlightenment, has five word name, and lacks any real content. I've put more effort into writing papers for professors than I have in this site (THAT is saying something).

Hitch a ride, I may not be the next Jim Jones... but my college of choice may want to be careful, lest I step onto campus backed with a mob of True Believers.

Oh... this is really a blog about alcohol, fraternity parties, drug dealing, entheogens, women, entrapment, personal growth, achievement, and is ground zero of the grassroots campaign for a limited franchise, imperialist system with foundations in nationalist philosophy.


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