Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Competing with Messiah College.

I loathe manual submission blog directories. But I’m stuck, thanks to this sites similarity to another site. A search for college messiah, or collegiate messiah, and you will end up at Messiah College. Really? Is this some sort of godly karma for my past deeds? (Actually, I think that would be rather hilarious: Hell is starting a blog about a cult, drugs, sex and money, and then watching the traffic redirected to Messiah College.)


Either way, the struggle is on to at least get on the first page with my own keyword. The Cult-blog never had this trouble, it was up and running within twenty-four hours thanks to a slash and burn Yahoo-answers campaign. Plus, it’s got a unique name that isn’t conflicting with a college institution. 

So a quick recap of what’s going on: I’m probably going to get a new apartment, The trip to Washington D.C. went well, I’ve got an internship coming up, and I’m still trying to find more pin-ups for said apartment.

For more political stuff: I’ve lost two more female friends to pregnancy, and am unhappy with Obama’s use of the word “witness”.

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