Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How ‘bout them Latin women?

Governor Sanford has declared his infidelity during the past year, with a “dear” friend from Argentina. I’m not going to say anymore on the subject, except that I’m disappointed; I’m sure there will be plenty of pundits elsewhere who can devote far more time to tearing him apart. I for one am more concerned with the health-care plan and the further waste of my tax money – Sanford has admitted his “mistake”, and is taking the responsible course.


Hearing such stories on the news, especially when delivered in such a heartfelt manner, can lead to some reassessment of one’s personal life. I’m proud to say that at last check, I’m still just hurting myself. And speaking of my vices – I suddenly have a ton of alcohol/drug rehab ads on the site. Has google finally gotten the measure of my content?

Actually though, I really haven’t posted much on the alcohol scene, and the two whiskey bottles in my trunk are nearly empty. Does google know something I don’t? Am I about to fall into a windfall of liquor?


Not at the rate the cult blog is going – visits continue to merely trickle in. The organization is now running a charity. This blog is doing much better, thank y’all, but I think it’s not quite time to stop submitting more job applications (60+ and counting atm).


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