Thursday, June 25, 2009


I’ve got to stop smoking for approximately the next week, as I prepare for the internship. For whatever reason, although my cigarette intake has fluctuated between a pack and two singles a day – I have always been capable of taking weeklong (and one two month) breaks. Nicotine has not made me a complete slave, though I do experience cravings.


Speaking of the internship, it’s time to start studying what little accounting I know. As per usual, the things learned in college have vanished into the air. Even though I’ve only taken a basic course, in some ways, the fact its basic level stuff means I should know it all the more. As it stands, adjusting entries are a vague nightmare, I confuse GAAP with the clothing store, and trial balances are my savings after paying the court.

Onto something completely different, my Salvia shipment has another week before I can call and figure out what’s going on. Due to the summer backlog, it can (and has in the past) take 4 – 6 weeks after ordering to have the thing shipped. It’s been five. So at this rate, July is going to be very, very busy:

Internship until the 2nd, followed by a doctors appointment on the 3rd, I hope to purchase my new apartment by the 7th, I’m going to receive my shipment sometime around then, before I light up will need to saturate my new hometown with job applications and personal visits, on the 23’rd – 25th, I’ve got a Fraternity retreat, and somewhere in all of that there’s a FWB who wants to spend a week with me.

So yeah, July is going to be crazy. In a good way. August will be even crazier, we’ve set up two mega-parties within the first week, and are holding a mixer… and it only gets more inebriated from there.



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