Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Cost of Moving out

Well, I’ve been surprised by the number of hits to this blog. I wish I could breakdown the reasons: cult, drugs, sex, or the promised political theories? Whatever it is, y’all are streaming in. So, congratulations if you are a new viewer, and a sincere thank-you if a repeat customer.

Back to business, still no word on my most recent job applications… I’ll probably visit the local place tomorrow, hunt down the human resource manager and give him an offer he would be grievously chagrined to refuse. Then it’ll be a matter of passing that drug test… not that I would ever have reason to question my toxicity… I may be a walking poster for Bacardi 151, and camel, but drugs? Me? Nah…

(This feels like a good time to include the disclaimer that I do not promote, or encourage the use of illegal substances, and believe in moderation for everything... /innocence)

Onto today’s feature:
You would think, that the residency contract would allow the student to review their financial aid before committing themselves. But then, higher education is not interested in what’s best for the student. So, the deadline for breaking the residency contract without incurring a $150 fee, is roughly three weeks before we were slotted to receive our financial aid package. So just when I find out I can’t afford a residency contract (with requires a meal plan, and is experiencing a 6% hike)… I also find out I need to come up with $150.

Our running total is now: Thirteen thousand, one hundred and fifty.

You’re welcome to be an optimist and subtract the six dollars I’ve made off of the cult blog.


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