Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Accountants have fun to... I think?

I promised myself to write two new posts today, and I may still make that quota… but, fact is, I’m still experiencing some of the wonderful gastrointestinal symptoms of excess alcohol consumption. Remember kids – take your Metamucil BEFORE your liquor and beer.

Moving on -

There is something afoot when out of a sample of ten friends, two have joined the military, one had to drop from college and go tech due to financial reasons, two are juniors and nearing their fourth change in major, one is closing in on a fifth and final attempt to pass general education level writing, two are questioning their ability to stay due to rising costs, one is planning on transferring to another school, and the tenth is the only one out of that bunch with prospects of happily graduating… she will hold an art degree.

I myself am considering just about every option above, joining the military, transferring schools, switching major, and yes – dropping everything thing and taking up art.

On the military option, I’ve spent the last two summers speaking with a recruiter and filling out forms, but my pursuit of a tour in the National Guard has been crippled by dental-work (surgery/bone grafts etc.)… It will be next summer before I’m through all of that, and can enlist without too much hassle from meps. Money is not, and has never been my reason to enlist, but some of the deals they are offering college students would really ease my mind.

When it comes to transferring schools I have looked into all the other instate colleges (all of which are cheaper, save one, than my current institution)... however, my school is renowned for crippling its former students with classes that won’t transfer. Indeed, the guy who’s transferring will need to take an extra semester to make up for this. I don’t particularly want to stay in college an extra semester (more on this later), but after investing so much in this school, it’s hard to cut-bait. But cheaper tuition is so tempting…

As for doing the art thing… I may have exaggerated when I suggested this was an option. I enjoy some anime, and I appreciate the counter-culture side of it, but when it come artistic skills, I am sorely lacking. Once I thought art was easy… then I got some art major friends… I’d make better grades, and experience less stress as a Organic-Chem double major with Biology.

But I didn’t write this post to complain about not having any viable options. I am probably going to switch my major: At the cost of an additional year of school.

Political science is extremely enjoyable, its professors and its classes are not. I know three political science majors who are not professors… one is a National Guard recruiter, another a Volvo mechanic, a third works middle management at Lowes. I know, I know, there are plenty of other political science majors with a good career in government… but after all these semesters, I’m just tired of it. I want to switch my minor to my major, and vice-versa.

The good news, because Accounting…

Yes, I’d become an accounting major.


Cease the laughter.

Anyways –

The good news, because Accounting is my minor, I need to take a number of accounting classes this coming semester. I’ve already had a few Accounting classes, and really enjoyed them… I think taking these will confirm my desire to switch majors, and if not, I just keep right on the track I’ve been riding.

Just giving you, my dear readers, a heads up.


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