Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Entheogen abuse.

I don’t know what your stance is on the use of entheogens. Generally speaking, plants (or fungi), that are used as part of a religious ritual… often for their hallucinogenic effects. My stance is the one I use for everything – scaled moderation.

In the off chance you fail to comprehend that, let me make painfully clear: Everything has a unique level of proper use. Sex = as long you can keep getting it up. Weed = as long as there isn’t too much resin in the bowl. Meth = depends on if you’re using L-meth or D-meth. Schoolwork = as long as you’ll make a B, have another beer. Salvia divinorum? See below.

Ignorance is anathema to me. I am sick of watching youtubers completely fail to achieve the correct Savlia experience, as they attempt to take the biggest hit of the highest extract they can find. Compare it to watching a pair of new drinkers who skip the single-malt scotch for a bottle of Thunderbird, or sips keystone light instead of grabbing some red stripe, blue moon, or hell, ANYTHING else.

Salvia can’t be used like those twelve shots of tequila all lined up for you. You don’t just pop it back… you do that, and like doing those twelve shots, you’ll wake up the next morning without a single memory.

That’s fine with alcohol. Not with salvia. Because you’ve just missed what could have been the most epic hallucination of your life. We’re talking ego-death, revisited memories, purging of feelings, closed eye visuals of heaven and hell, and of the multiverse… what feels like a lifetime journey through your ass and back out your cranium, all in the real time of just five minutes. Read up on it. Email me. Educate yourself. Be aware of local laws, regarding Salvia and its more intriguing entheogen friends.

Do not roll into a joint. And do not buy that mass-market crap “purple sticky”.

I can give you a very good vendor at the cost of an email.

Honestly there are times I wish Salvia was like some of the poisonous entheo’s out there. Then at least I could have the satisfaction of watching stupidity get its just reward. But whatever, keep on sipping your keystone light, suckling on your bottles of Wild Irish Rose and MD 20/20.


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