Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jews and Red Heads.

I hooked up with Miss Red Head somewhat early… I was expecting to spend some time with her later in July, however the internship landed me within an hour’s drive of her summer-school. Something about matching carpet and drapes attracts me like Argentinean women attract Gov. Sanford. I spent a wonderful two nights, and then drove back down to my new apartment (more on that later).


Speaking of Sanford, I would like to revise my earlier position – I’m now certain he is mental (remember, I am an avowed libertarian, and supported many of his policies). Not only are his actions inconsistent with a reasonable human being, but his emails and speeches are completely divorced (heh) from reality.

You don’t ask your wife if you can go visit your mistress. Repeatedly.

At least he obeyed the forty mile rule.


On another note – the local citgo carries Organic American spirits. Not only does the organic variety have better looking packaging, but the taste and flavor is cleaner, and makes my mouth water with anticipation. Five stars, I almost prefer them to my Lucky Strikes and Unfiltered Camels.

I was sitting, smoking one of them at the Carowinds theme park, when a black dude came over to light up. Noting the isolation of our smoking section from the rest of the park he commented, and I quote: “Man, they got us back here like jews or something.”

He was dead serious too.

Smokers… the new Jews.



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