Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What would you do with $212.93?

... A stranger on a forum I frequent for health advice posted this query. He had discovered an online account where he had stashed it. That amount is roughly similar to my short-term goal saving's & investment income. So, as I like to do, I drew up a monstrous open office spreadsheet and ran some numbers. After all, earning the money is just the first step - you've got to figure out how to reinvest an inflating federal $1 reserve note. 

So currently my spending plan, lets name it Operation Long Call , is thus:
  •  Investment/Savings Balance Start: $212.93
  • Percent to FRN Cash - 20% - Balance: ($42.586) = $171.34
  • Percent to PM's - 20% - Balance: ($42.586)=$128.758
  • Percent to Online Bank - 60% - Balance (+$0.00)=128.758

Now the scenario calls for this to be a self-sustaining project, separate from ongoing concerns such as my job at Home Depot. So these savings would be extra from normal savings. It would at current prices probably fetch 1-2Oz silver, and around an extra $42 in cash savings, and a nice $128.76 in savings.

So now that we know its worth the time, lets see if someone can reach it. You know I'm always trying.


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