Saturday, May 14, 2011

An open invitation to come and kick it with Satan.

"Symetic solar systematically
scramble thoughts like eggs on Sunday morning,
OJ and acid drops [drip drip drip],
Randomly rippin' spots,
like an open invitation to come and kick it with Satan."
- Styles of Beyond 'Holograms' (Embedded at the end of the post.)

This month is shaping up to be one of my most successful both financially, and with regard to budgeting. The two are distinct, good budgeting can't guarantee financial security (expenses happen, sometimes outside of the realm of projections) - and just because you end the month with a bunch of cash doesn't mean you've budgeted well (you may have spent to much money on worthless crap).

So far, the month has been fantastic - and has only seen positives. Remember in order to take steps forward, you have to set out several small tasks and goals to complete. Complete them as best you can, take stock at the end - then prepare a new set of goals and repeat the process. Last night a friend and I went up to the local bar scene, and ripped up the mike on karaoke (got free rounds of beer for our stellar performance of some classic rap).

Just want to inject some positive motivation to my readers out their who are facing the same challenges I do.
Remember, don't ever get numb to the progress you make on your endeavors.

Styles of beyond returns to this blog, with anther fantastic track from their album 2000 Fold.


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