Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paradigm Shifts Count.

You know the sort of cultist-holistic approach I take to things - so here's a tangent toward overall financial betterment distinct from silver, and somewhat distinct for this site. With some student loans coming up, my scenario charts show I need to start making $100/month in additional income from these side side projects. I have four months. So another task to overcome.

$100/Month in Four months still seems like an easier goal than Thirteen thousand in six...but that isn't going to make it easy. The main approach will be a renewed interest in Google adwords - which I played around with off of a free trail from hostgator a while back when doing that website. Which later evolved into a browser based RPG based around the rap album liquid swords. I did the coding myself, but wasn't able to finish and completely debug the game before running out of capital. But several friends were able to play in a beta version and enjoyed it.

But back to the point, I think the right investments over the next four months (which of course I will post about to give you, the reader, ideas for your own breakaway pursuits) will let me nail this goal.


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