Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beneath a Steel Sky

 Its pouring rain outside, and I've got a shift in a few hours. Extensive construction is taking place in the residential apartments near mine, and I can hear the drywall drilling over the rain. To say the least, is an unfriendly sky that looks down on the city right now. Much like the economic situation looms above our nation. In someways this is a ride that seems doomed to tumble, but in life there are no guarantees about the future. All that can be done is urge for stability, support the normalcy bias around you, while trying to hedge against rough times.

Thus, I'm living today in similar ways as I would if the economy was booming. Sure, I am allocating my Federal Reserve Notes into different savings. Precious metals instead of stocks, cash instead of pensions/IRA's  (but I'm still maintaining 10% in stocks... always, always hedge). But in terms of my health, my recreation? No real change.

I am positive in my actions, confident in my abilities to survive, adapt, and overcome. And this confidence starts with each small goal we set and achieve. Something as simple as eating a healthy breakfast every morning, or going for a nightly run, are be positive. If combined with a large number of other positives and replicated over a long-enough timeline, results will become evident.

It may be dour and grim outside the panes of my window, but inside, it doesn't matter.

(Title of post is in reference to a 1994 adventure game.)


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