Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg (or FLASH) now at 1.25 Giga Electron-volts

- Taken from the official website of FLASH at
"The free-electron laser FLASH (Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg) has set a new record: this weekend, the FLASH accelerator team operated the FEL with an electron energy of 1.25 Giga electronvolts, thus reaching a wavelength of 4.12 nanometres. For the first time FLASH has generated laser light in the so-called water window using the fundamental wavelength – so far this was only reached with laser harmonics. The flashes with the short wavelengths had an average energy of 70 and a peak energy of 130 micro joules."

 I spotted this gem of further reading while digging for information on silver nitrate, and silver in general. I'll update with some of those reads as an investing pitch later tonight. After all, I need to determine an investment strategy to meet the new short term-goal of $100 a month in four.


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