Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The foundations of the short scenario

How to make that one-hundred a month in four months? The current goal would be a revitalization of the cult blog, with renewed use of the ad-words campaign. The first two days have shown a tremendous positive response in unique views, compared to the same date range last year, up 340%, and peaking previous year highs. However, these campaigns are labor intensive, and factoring in opportunity costs will not net $100/Month.

The only solution is to succeed in building up either a large enough database to consume traffic, or a large enough draw and culture to generate organic content (<-E.g. what i did with the entheogen forum experiment). If the views die off sharply after I stop the investment, then my time is severely leveraged, and I have to put in more capital. The key is to find a level where the return is stabilized, preferably growing, and then stop further investment to reevaluate.

I will keep those of you interested in this particular scenario updated. 


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