Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Everybody wants to rule the world..."

 "Everybody wants to rule the world..."
A particularly poetic chorus from Nas' album Stillmatic will mark the first artistic flavored post in a while. It does a good job on timing to.

I opened the wall street journal today to read an article on the FDIC hiking margins on the FOREX for those investors beneath 10 million. This move is to help "Retail Investors" not suffer from market volatility, but it forces the small investor out. But I won't go that political (<- Check the date on that one ;) with this post.

I used to loathe rap, but have had a complete conversion over the last year, and now consider myself something of an expert. Here is something mainstream but still fantastic.


A much better rap song from the same album, but far less likely to appeal to most of you readers is Rewind. Listen to the lyrics and relax, just tell yourself its "art".


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