Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"This is radio nowhere... there anybody alive out there?"
- Radio Nowhere, B. Springsteen.

So I will update this post. But for now, I feel that any survivalist needs to take a long, hard look at the markets from the mainstream perspective. Today, as some on the internet have been predicting for months, things took a bad turn. I expect the next week to have a slow awakening of the people, soothed by whatever QE3 pops up.

Here are some headlines*:
  • "Private Sector Jobs Grew By Only 38,000 in May..."
  • "WHO: Radiation From Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer..."
  • "Goldman Sachs wont face criminal precaution related to sales of mortgage linked securities because such a move could threaten the US financial system."
  • "Goldman Cuts NFP Forecast To 100,000 - Sheer Panic On Wall Street"

*Of course, headlines are always bad. But I think these will be some interesting quotes to look back on in two years, regardless of how accurate they turn out to be. You know my opinion on the matter....


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