Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is this the time to buy?

Yeah, I'm on about silver again. The price is finally dropping before what I presume will be a rise in price over the summer. The question is, how long with the drop persist, and how low will it go? Given the dip, which I wasn't expecting to encounter for another few weeks, I've decided to hold off buying that pistol and consider upping the priority of some more Silver Ounces.

My target buy will be just before the $34 spot mark ($40/ASE). That said, there are a number of sources online who claim a retrace all the way back below the $30's. I've heard (with fewer followers the more extreme), $27/$28, $22/$24, and $17/$18 per ounce bandied about.

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Personally, here is the theory I'm sticking to until situations change - Lows throughout the next two months before a resurgence near the autumn.   All it takes is another shift in the herd.


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