Monday, June 20, 2011

Mid-June Summation

Its that time again. I outlined last month with "Time Enough For Love". Now it's time for June's bi-weekly review. I'll start with some headlines from the drudge for future reference, then move into my financial plans, health etc. Enjoy.
  • "SHOCK: Pigs could grow human organs...* "
  • "Copper Thief Steals Entire Transformer From Power Pole..."
  • "CITI: Greek debt may be contagious..."
    "States look to Internet taxes to close budget gaps..."
  • "African-American unemployment at 16%..."
  • "NBC apologizes for cutting 'under God' from pledge..."
  • "House will move this week to limit funding for effort in Libya..."

*...I'll go check out the pig story later.
Silver holdings increased slightly, thanks to my purchase of a hedge amount when spot was 35.90 on the 18th. Spot is currently 36.16, but I'm still expecting price to dip again (on big last swoon) sometime near the end of the QE2. My purchase of this small hedge is admittance that the market is volatile I'm willing to resist going all in. Remember, patience is a virtue... but personally, I will patiently buy what I think is a f(*&(*ing dip.

Right now I've got about 10% of the physical silver I want to have by November. I have 0% of the gold I want (gold will be the next step, but I don't feel it is on my priority list yet, and its not particularly large. I'm only planning for single half-oz eagle by November.). My real job is experiencing massive cut-backs in hours, and its barely paying the bills. If it wasn't for my other entrepreneurial stuff, I couldn't invest in the physical metals.

Unsure of my feelings about the design.

On the survivalist side, I've been using father's day sales to stock up on tools. I also spent a moderate amount of paper money on medicine (about $30). Boxes of aspirin, sudafed, Tylenol, Robitussin, etc. (I still need to buy a bunch of band aids.) I'm also still trying to improve my water situation which doesn't consist of anything more than some 24pk bottled waters. The past week I began putting together a Vehicle bolt out bag (really a rubbermade footlocker I've had for years), I'm not well prepped for a bolt out on foot, or bolt in.

Lets put it this way: When you move from an old house to a new, you use the biggest vehicle you can afford to haul all the stuff. To prep for an urban evacuation scenario, it is much cheaper for me to prep for Bolt By Vehicle, simply because I already own a car. If I prepped to leave on foot and cover the same ground as I would be car, it would cost a great deal more to achieve the same level of comfort (durrrr....).

"But there are times you can't leave by car!" Yes, I know. But life is about compromise, just as with my investing, I hedge as best I can around what I view as reasonable events that might occur in the short term. There is a good probability that by the time SHTF to that level, I'd already be across state lines with my family.  There is a small probability that I wouldn't, if so, well - that's why I go the gym, and try and stay healthy and mentally sharp.

My city experiences random drive-by shootings.
I'm expecting that CF .380 pistol to ship later today, I had several very positive experience with the company's customer service yesterday, as I worked with them to try and resolve some problems with my bank declining the payment. So I'm not as concerned about it never shipping as I was when I first tried to buy it online. But we will see, the Hi-Point CF .380 should arrive late this week at the FLF dealer for me to pickup. It would be a nice complement to my other firearm, and would let me arm my roommate should something wildly improbable go down. My gun pursuits will die off for a while after this gun arrives and a write a review.

 Health wise, I'm actually about to go the gym. So, I'll catch you later. Have a good Monday. 


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