Monday, June 13, 2011

BTFD Silver bitchez?

Remember that pistol I was going to buy a while back? Now I have the cash for it... but I'm holding off in case silver keeps declining past $35/Oz. I've been waiting for "the real dip" that (depending on who you talk to), could dip as low as $17/Oz. Such a dramatic retraction may be possible, but I'll be pulling the trigger at anything close to or under $30/Oz.

We'll see how far down this dip goes, but if they do it fast, some people are going to make some nice money selling off and buying lower. "Refinancing" their silver so to speak. Personally, I'm to busy and my funds to limited and precious to speculate. I'm just going to keep buying, I just don't want to buy to soon and miss (what some are claiming) could be a serious retracement, the last big swoon before a gradual ascent later this year.

Crime in the local city has started to get very bad. The daily paper has confirmed (what I feel is palpable in the air), copper robberies have tripled from last year, and robberies and shootings are up. I'm seeing bad signs everywhere, and my employment at a big box retailer also lets me look into the corporate world. Things aren't to good, despite strong sales it seems we're cutting back on employment, "making do with less" etc. Anyway, its got me really wanting that pistol - but I'm predicting a single large dip in silver before it heads due-east  or slightly northeast for the summer - so I'll hang onto my cash for another week or so.

Many of my sources are firm believers that this month is the quiet before the storm. I agree with them to some extent... I'm not expecting TEOTWAWKI (but you know that I am always open to change my opinion if the situation warrants it)... but rather a slow, steady, and broiling wave of awakening resentment that will be captured and directed towards the polls in November.

Remember, its only been a generation since the watts riots. I would expect things to get at least as bad some time in the next five years.

Health Update 2: (For you, the reader who isn't as interested in the recent financial theme)
Currently my est. 1 Rep max is a combined 105lbs. (2x 52.5lb), real is 100lbs (2x 50lb)

I've been able to get back to the gym after a wrist injury at the start of this month kept me out. I'm gingerly getting back into it. My biggest wrist-stressor and the dumbbell exercise I'm putting the most energy into this summer is the incline DB press (pictured above). My five week routine for this exercise involves 4 sets, three times a week. Ideally 8 reps per set in the following format:

Set 1 (warmup): 2x 35lb DB (70lbs) for 8 Reps (Today I did 10)
Set 2 ................: 2x 40lb DB (80lbs) for 8 Reps (Today I did 8)
Set 3 ................. 2x40lb DB (80lbs) for 8 Reps (today I did 8)
Set 4 ................. 2x45lb DB (90lbs) for 8 Reps
(^Today I did 6, and then 1 rep with the 2x50's to test my wrist^)

Once I can do that (the end of this week), everything will shift up by ten pounds. Eg, my warmup will be 80lbs, and the fourth set will be 100. Body weight still dropping, abs are coming along great.


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