Friday, June 17, 2011

Pre-emptive look at the Hi-Point CF 380

I'm expecting my pistol to ship at the start of next week, so I should be able to provide you with a review at weeks end. In the interim, and in response to all of the flack some of you have direct at me over the decision to buy a Hi-Point CF 380, I will present a video later in this post. If you REALLY feel my safety is terribly compromised and care to send me a better pistol (or the cash for one) I will happily use the provided gun instead of the CF 380.  Otherwise, my decision remains - I don't have the means to buy a better pistol and need a transitory stop-gap to meet the low-level threats of my daily non-SHTF environment. 

Hi-Point CF 380
The pistol (pickup and projected twenty rounds runs a total of $170) is $120 less than the next level of guns I could find at the three local pawn shops and two local gun shops. Examples of the $240 range includes a used Kel-tec or used .22 Taurus PT-22. I feel that I am much better served spending that $120 on medicine/water/food/tools etc. until they are up to a month minimum and I am capable of a 3 day bolt-out by foot or vehicle. 

So long as TS-DOES NOT-HTF I think it will be a perfectly useful weapon as a hedge. (Everything's a hedge). And speaking of, I'm planning to buy a few more Oz of silver as a hedge against any random up spike. I'm keeping double that in reserve in case my predicted price drops happens in the next two weeks. 
Either way, I'm holding this silver for the long haul, and I expect in five years that I will reap at least my investment.

Edit: This link actually lets you tag people if you feel you know them from the Vancouver riots via facebook.
I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Edit 2x: Nevermind, send those yuppies to jail. One typical Bish is flashing the camera for a T-shirt (before you click the link, its censored, calm down). Other pics include clumps of young white guys acting thug.


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