Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Socratic Approach (Or... Tea With Socrates)

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Of late I've been investigating Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It is astounding to me how closely it has paralleled some of my other research into other fields. Which is to say, if viewed as a Ven Diagram, Think & Grow Rich would occupy a circle within the larger circle of cognitive restructuring and the quantum effects of direct or indirect conscious focus on an ideal. In other words, most of what Hill writes, I've already discovered independently as have others. But Hill is perhaps (along with Carnegie) the most "baseline" economic side of what is a multifaceted field.

Anyway, those of you who have read Hill will understand this post. But then, I don't know what to expect any more than you, the reader do. Call it Tea with Socrates.

Narrator: "I'm asking your help in selecting further member's of my Cabinet."
Socrates: "What are you looking for the candidates to help you with?"
Narrator: "Fulfilling my desires."
Socrates: "And what are they?"
Narrator: "I want to improve my physique beyond past levels, the same with health particularly quitting cigarettes for good, achieve wealth..."
Socrates interrupts: "Define wealth, how much and when?"
Narrator: "A side business making $1,000/month and two degrees in a business field by 2016."
Socrates: "So who would have qualifications to help with business?"
Narrator: "I don't know." Google Time! "Don Draper" (Editors Note: Many purists might scream 'He ISNT REAL', i'm not interested in REAL, i'm looking for abstractions for clear ideas. It is pointless to come up with a name but no idea how their reactions typical act. What matters is perception.)
Narrator: "I could learn and use the drive, self confidence."
Socrates: "Who else would you need for a business? What other traits?"
Draper: "You need a plan before getting more specific"
Socrates: "What is the plan?"
Narrator: "Continue with current job, trying for advancement, to pay for small entrepreneurial adventures."
Draper: "You don't "try" for advancements, you either put in the work and it happens, or they don't and you move on."
Socrates: "So its a temporary position, are you dedicating enough to it to warrant advancement?"
Narrator: "On some days, but I am making a conscious effort to change."
Socrates: "Great! so what are some of these adventures?"

(And I'm off, later kids.)


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