Thursday, June 30, 2011

"They Shooting!..."

"...Made you look."
Is the title of the a phenomenal NAS track embedded at the end of this post for your listening pleasure. Today isn't going to be nearly as serious as the usual vein of geofinances and the pursuit to get cash. To put it simply, I'm still living that positive life, and to much focus on things beyond ones control just isn't healthy.

That's how I envision my life.
Its almost the end of the month. I'm probably just feeling the urge to write another monthly recap. They are usually filled with odd but pleasant memories and landmarks for me. Which is to say, they are a written record of (some facets of my life), a sort of diary which all men should keep for introspective purposes. I'll (as traditional) be updating this post in snippets throughout the day.

But first: NAS, Made you Look


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