Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inhale… Exhale… Just got an ounce in the mail.

My lack of posts should indicate just how content I’ve been with this new apartment lifestyle. Although a shortage of money has left me somewhat bereft of alcohol, entheogens and some cutting edge legal research chem. substances have helped pass the down time between sleep, parties, and the gym.

With an incoming class of freshmen arriving within the next two weeks, I feel it necessary to offer another public service announcement about drugs:

They. Are. Everywhere. 

And barring some of the synthetics (Heroin, Crack), they really aren’t going to ruin your son or daughter’s life. Unless your son or daughter is a complete idiot in how they pursue the acquisition and use of said substances – E.g. they get busted, shot, OD’d, or poisoned.

In such cases, I feel that the illegality of most substances is well warranted*:  If you’re not smart enough to do the drugs without getting wasted on the way, you have no business doing them. So keep up the ban on weed, meth, coke, X, salvia, DXM, opiates. If I want them, I can get them. And if it helps keep the dealer employed, and the local high-school kiddies away, all the better. Think of it as a further level of natural selection.*

So come along, take a hit from the bong!

*A comment below has made me realize that I didn't quite make clear my intent - which is that I am a proponent of age-related drug and alcohol laws (I have some posts that touch on this theme).  I do however feel that with the majority of "drugs" consumed (Esp. Marijuana, Mushrooms, Acid, Salvia, JWH, DXM, Mescaline, etc.) should be made legal to adults.

And efforts should be made by the government (in a perfect world) to inform the public as to the product, rather than propaganda aimed at motivating them to buy or reject (see cigarettes, which i have quit to save $). That is my current position on the subject, but flexibility of ideas is a must in this world.

Thanks for making me check this post after so many months! :)

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  1. I don't think drugs should be illegal, they should all be decriminalized. People should have the choice to do what they want with their own bodies.

    That being said I do agree if you're smart enough to get away with buying/selling/using drugs you're probably better off than someone who gets caught for being reckless.


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